ECC’s Review of NEC’s Compendium of Election Observer Recommendations for 2017 General Elections

This compendium lists all recommendations made by international and national election observer groups CSOs, which at the time of compiling have issued final reports or preliminary statements on the Liberian 2017 general elections. The main objective for issuing recommendations is to improve the framework, context and conduct of future public elections in Liberia. The main purpose of the compendium is to facilitate consideration of the recommendations by the NEC and other Liberian authorities by making them available in a single document.

The election observation reports and statements published to date contain almost 150 recommendations. For ease of navigation, the recommendations are grouped in table format in nine thematic areas. Column 4 of the table (below) presents the original text of the recommendations. Column 5 attempts to combine recommendations of similar content so that a single and coherent list of recommendations is formulated.
It is for national authorities and stakeholders to decide the most effective electoral framework for future elections. Should they decide to act on the recommendation, the last two columns set out a ‘change path’ and, identify which Liberian state authorities may have leading roles in their implementation. Column eight was added by ECC to provide information on the status of each recommendation.

You can download a copy of the compendium here: ECC Review of NEC Compendium of Election Observer Recommendations Respond_2017 elections


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